Last year was a difficult one for Democrats. On the national level, we experienced something we never thought we would - the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. 


Here in Westchester, we are experiencing our own version of these tragic realities: in our county government we have a County Executive who espouses the same ideals of the President, and we have rogue Democrats who stand in the way of us being the progressive county we should be. 


Like you, I want to change that!


The 16th District, has always been a powerful voice, fighting for the rights of Yonkers families. For the past six years, while serving on the Yonkers City Council, I have demonstrated that same spirit. The experience I have gained directly translates to county government. I have been the leader in the fight for affordable housing; creating the opportunity for our Seniors and Disabled who qualify for SCRIE and DRIE to have their rents frozen, advancing an Affordable Housing Ordinance guaranteeing working families in Yonkers do not get left behind, and introducing legislation protecting our Homeless population. Making sure people have decent safe housing has and will continue to be part of my focus as I serve the community.


Furthermore, we must protect our most precious resource – our children. I have been at the forefront of fighting for the fair and equitable funding of our schools. However, our schools are not the only ones involved in elevating our children. Our non-profits, who provide Day Care & after school programming to supplement their in school education are struggling, because the county is putting them last. My experience on the City Council fighting for our children and serving on the boards of some non-profit organizations will be an asset as we fight to move the county in the right direction. 


The successes I have been able to accomplish have occurred both during Democratic & Republican Council Majorities, with the Mayor as an immediate ally or convincing him to come along. I will continue to challenge the status quo until progress is achieved. 

Johnson For Westchester

PO Box 220

Yonkers, NY 10702

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